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Do you want even more freedom in your life? As entrepreneurs, many of us start our business because we want more freedom in our lives, but our definition of freedom changes as our business grows. At first, we just want to break the “time for money” continuum and by working on the machine instead of working in the machine, we do that.

Then we get the opportunity to pursue freedom of relationship.

If we worked for someone else in the past, sometimes we had to work with people we didn’t like. At our business, we get to choose our relationships both internally and externally. This is how we find our tribe that shares our vision and helps us to grow and succeed.

One of my customers expressed this very succinctly when he told me “Life is too short to work with…” ahem, jerks.

Finally, we get our biggest
freedom - freedom of purpose.

As our business and entrepreneurial skill set grows, we increase our ability to influence the world around us as individuals and through our company.

We get to ask bigger questions around our purpose and specifically “what do we want to do with the remainder of our productive life?”

The paradox of freedom is that when we start, we think freedom is being unattached to anything. But as we grow, we realize that the real freedom is fulfilling our life’s purpose. Our businesses are here to support us, not the other way around.

As entrepreneurs, we all want to arrive at the destination of our definition of freedom.

If freedom is the destination, where you own your time and are aligned with your purpose, then there are lots of modes of transportation to get there.

You can take a bus, ride a bike, take a plane, a train or an automobile. But just because you took the train to your destination doesn’t mean that you want to drag it around with you once you arrive.

As entrepreneurs, many of us have trains, planes and automobiles hanging off of us and don’t even realize it. Businesses that provided us the financial freedom to become free but that no longer serve us or are aligned with our highest purpose.

So, If You Have A Business That No Longer Serves You...

Or if you just want to know what your business is worth in today’s market – at no cost or obligation to you – simply submit your business valuation now or contact us today.

At Freedom Factory®, our purpose is to free our fellow entrepreneurs to live your best life, fulfill your life’s purpose and secure your financial future by helping you sell your business for maximum value.


Live the life you love,

Robert Hirsch

Freedom Factory®

How Does it work?

Each Freedom Factory® Partner has at least 20+ years of experience buying, scaling and selling businesses. This experience helps you maximize your company’s value while leading you to a successful outcome.

Let our team of experts guide you step-by-step through our proprietary and ultra-efficient 147-day process:

  1. Submit For a Valuation​
  2. Sign The Agency Agreement
  3. Gather Information
  4. Create Marketing Materials
  5. Secure Pre-approved Bank Financing
  6. Sign The Letter Of Intent
  7. Buyer Due Diligence
  8. Contract Development
  9. Escrow & Closing
  10. Post-sale Transition

Submit For a Valuation

Sign The Agency Agreement

Market The Deal To Find The Perfect Buyer

Close The Deal

Submit for a Valuation

Sign the Agency Agreement

Market the
Deal to Find the Perfect Buyer

the Deal

Freedom Factory® has the most buyers
to maximize Deal tension.

Our proprietary database of over 100,000 entrepreneurs, private equity firms, and family offices ready to buy your business. This means we maximize deal tension by generating several offers for your business.


Institutional Buyers


Entrepreneurial Buyers


Selling Process

20+ Years

Minimum Experience

Submit for a Valuation

Sign the Agency Agreement

Market the
Deal to Find the Perfect Buyer

the Deal

Submit For a Valuation

Sign The Agency Agreement

Market The Deal To Find The Perfect Buyer

Close The Deal

Success Stories

We Increased The Value Of His Company 10X For a Highly Profitable Sale.

Drew’s story proves that you can create a massive difference in your valuation if you know what key lever to focus on. Robert shifted their primary method of customer acquisition from a high touch strategy to a more scalable online strategy. This helped them triple their profits, increased the value of the company by 10 times, and set up a sale of the company for a mid 8-figure sale price. This sale and freedom allowed Drew to pursue professional race car driving full time.

Drew Regitz

Two Simple Shifts Resulted in Millions of Dollars of Windfall Profits for Tim’s Business.

Robert transformed Tim’s business model with two dramatic key shifts that resulted in millions of dollars in windfall profits. The first simple shift was converting his magazine to an online real-time membership business, and the second was adding an insurance company on the backend to help better serve and protect his membership.

Tim Schmidt

From Zero To 8 Figures The First 12 Months In Business – And Improving The Financial Intelligence of 50,000+ Members and 1 Million+ Readers.

The Elevation Group was formed to educate hard-working individuals about the secret investing strategies of the ultra-wealthy. It launched from scratch and generated $3.5 million the very first week in business. They achieved massive growth and generated 8 figures during their first 12 months in business. The Elevation Group went on to become the largest financial membership of its kind with over 1 million readers and serving over 50,000 members.

The Elevation Group

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