Have you ever thought about starting your own business?

We all have. Did you know, however, that starting your own business does not require you to build it from scratch? In fact, for as little as 10% down, you can actually buy a business.

How many times at your current job have you encountered a project that was a poor use of your time or didn’t leverage your strengths (i.e., the strengths you were hired for)? Instead, what if that project could be your own business, where every minute of your labor directly translated into building wealth for you and your family, focusing on what you’re best at, and calling the shots to meet your schedule.

When you start from scratch, this isn’t an option. When you buy, it is. See, the founder has already put in the time and effort to make the business successful. This is simply your opportunity to make it even better.

Often overlooked by the big investment banks, small businesses are one of the most undervalued and inefficient asset classes on the planet. You can often purchase companies for 4x earnings or less, which translates into a minimum return of 25% per year. Think about it, where else can you achieve those types of returns? The best part is, those returns are entirely in your control, and directly depend on the amount of work you put into the business. You can either continue renting your job or choose to own your business. What sounds better to you?

At Freedom Factory®, we specialize in pairing entrepreneurs like you with sellers in our database, and can help align you with opportunities that leverage your strongest skills.

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